Technology West Group

Universal SpongeBob Store

SpongeBob StorePantsTM, at Universal Orlando, is the place to find nautical nonsense-inspired treasures like plush Planktons, squeezable SpongeBobs, Patrick playthings, and more. With a combination of discrete audio playback, themed flat-panel monitors and lighting effects, the guest experiences are all the fun of Bikini Bottom all without getting wet. Each of the distinct areas inside the store was created to accent various parts of the Bikini Bottom experience, all while immersing the guest in everything SpongeBob.

Technology West used a combination of Alcorn McBride show control, and audio-video playback systems to create the experience. The show control system handles all day-to-day operations, including scheduling “Start of Day” time, scheduling “End of Day” time and scheduling special events times. All of this makes SpongeBob StorePants™ one of the few attractions in the park that does not require any technical service personnel to operate.